Happy New Year!

Ravinca Allegiance Prerelease Weekend at Psycho Turtle

Come out to Psycho Turtle’s first ever Magic the Gathering Pre-Release Weekend!!
Choose from Azorius Senate, Cult of Rakdos, Gruul Clans, Orzov Syndicate, or Simic Combine.
Which guild will you join?!
Event times and dates:
Saturday, Jan 19th at Midnight
Saturday, Jan 20th at 6pm
Sunday, Jan 21st at 6pm
$25 per entry w/ prize support! Entry Includes a pre-release kit.
Feel free to stick around for casual play after the event
Sign up ahead Online, In-store, or via phone (call or text)
PH: 562-383-0068
Online: See "Tickets"
Psycho Turtle Collectibles
8428 Telegraph rd.
Downey, CA 90240
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