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Samurai Jack™: Back to the Past.


Accompany Samurai Jack on his quest to vanquish the Shape-shifting Master of Darkness, Aku.  As beloved companions from Jack’s adventures, players strive to gain the most Honor by helping him gather Allies, Weapons, and Traits.


Based on the fifth and final installment of the series, Samurai Jack: Back to the Past picks up the title character’s mission to return to the era before the reign of his adversary, the evil demon Aku. Jack’s friends accompany him along a path, comprised of various locations from the series, to defeat villains and finish with the most Honor. Winning requires utilizing Allies, Traits, and Weapons while guarding Jack’s Sanity, taking players on an unpredictable ride that mirrors the story-rich episodes revered by critics and loved by fans.


Samurai Jack: Back to the Past will feature custom sculpted movers for Jack, Aku, Ashi, and more delivering an aesthetic quality highly coveted by collectors, hobby game enthusiasts, and admirers of the series’ stylish animation.



  • Game board
  • 7 Painted vinyl figures - Jack, Aku, Ahi, The Scotsman, Monkey Man, Sir Rothchild, and Max
  • 15 Location tiles
  • 48 Support cards
  • 40 Movement cards
  • 5 Character cards
  • 9 Villian/Aku cards
  • 71 Honor Point tokens
  • 1 Jack token
  • 4 Encounter tokens
  • Rules
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