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MTG: Assassin's Creed Collector's Booster Box

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Assassin's Creed® emerges from the shadows to join Magic: The Gathering! Your community will freerun through ancient locales with their favorite Assassins and take a leap of faith—the past is theirs to explore.
With Collector Boosters, your players get direct access to the coolest cards from the set, with each booster packed with special treatments. A full display sets your players on the path to make their deck legendary!
12 Magic: The Gathering®—Assassin's Creed® Collector Boosters
• 10 Magic: The Gathering cards
• 2 Foil-Etched cards and 6-7 Traditional Foil cards
• A combination of 4-5 cards of rarity Rare or higher, 5 Uncommon cards, and 0-1 Land cards
• Serialized Historic Figure in <1% of boosters
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