MTG: Double Masters 2022 Preview Event Friday, Jul 1st

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Get ready for the biggest event of the summer and join for the Double Masters 2022 Preview Event. We'll be hosting a booster event as celebrate the release of highly anticipated set. 

Entry Includes:
3x Double Masters Booster Packs (16 cards per pack)
1x WPN Premium Promo will be chosen at random

Event Information:
Players each have 3 booster packs. Players open one booster pack and choose one card from the pack and then pass the remaining cards to player on their left. They will continue until all cards have been chosen from the first booster pack.

Repeat this process for the next two boosters, switching the direction in which the boosters are passed around the table. 

Minimum of 40 cards with no maximum, as long as you can shuffle your deck unassisted.

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