Pokemon 4.5 Inch Battle Feature Figures

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Brand new Pokémon 4.5 Inch Battle Feature Figures are here!  4.5 Inch Battle Feature Figures currently available: Ash with 2″ Pikachu, Bewear, Lapras and Decidueye

Get ready for some of the most action-packed Pokémon battles you’ve ever experienced! This awesome assortment of 4.5-inch, in-scale figures features authentic details and unique dynamic mechanisms. You can head into a Pokémon battle with the 4.5-inch Ash figure that has the ability to launch the included 2-inch Pikachu figure into combat with a flick. Choose Bewear with gripping action to take on its fiercest rivals (fits a two-inch Battle Figure under each arm). Lapras, the Water/Ice-Type Pokémon, boasts the ability to roll into action with ease, while Decidueye, comes with the ability to fire an arrow at its enemies! Gotta Catch ‘Em All™! Suitable for ages 4 years and up.

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