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Entry Includes:
1x - Scarlet and Violet Build and Battle kit (4 Packs, 1 of 4 Promos, and a stack of cards to help you build a deck)
Event Information
Players will build a 40 card deck using the 4 packs the promo and the cards included in the kit. After deck building players will participate in Swiss style tournament. Top 8 winners will receive the prizing below. 

Prize Support
1st Place: 1 Scarlet & Violet Booster Box + Exclusive Psycho Turtle 1st Place Pin
2nd Place: 16 Scarlet & Violet Booster Packs + Exclusive Psycho Turtle 2nd Place Pin
3rd Place: 10 Scarlet & Violet Booster Packs
4th Place: 8 Scarlet & Violet Booster Packs
5th Place: 7 Scarlet & Violet Booster Packs
6th Place: 6 Scarlet & Violet Booster Packs
7th Place: 5 Scarlet & Violet Booster Packs
8th Place: 4 Scarlet & Violet Booster Packs
9th - 24th Place: 1 Booster Pack
Player's must stay until the end of the event to receive their prizing! Early Departures will not receive any prizing.
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