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Looking for the perfect Easter Basket? We've got you covered!


The Psycho Turtle Mystery Easter Basket includes:

- 2 Mystery enamel Psycho Turtle Pins.

- 3 Full Size Premium Easter Candies. 

- 4 Booster Packs (Your choice of TCG- Please note packs are random)

- Festive Easter theme packaging 

Some Baskets may include extra candy or booster packs. It's an Easter Mystery!

WARNING: Please note that the pins functional sharp points. Not for children under 4 years. 

Allergy Warning: Please note that some candy such as the chocolate bars or bunnies, may contain: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Soy, egg, wheat. All the candy included in this basket is individually marked for your review. Always read ingredient labels before consumption. 

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