S&M: Team-Up Ultimate Bundle

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Due to high the high demand we are completely sold of this bundle.  Please be on the look out for out next PT bundle.

Psycho Turtle & friends are so crazy that they have put together the Team-Up Bundle. This bundle includes everything you need to give you a head start on your Lost Thunder collection for an amazing price! The bundle includes:

- A Team-Up Booster Box
- 2 Team-Up blisters featuring Ultra Necrozma &  Deoxys
- A Team-Up Elite Trainer Box
- 2 Team-Up Theme decks that feature Kanto Favorites Blastoise & Charizard
- A Mini Binder with a Team-Up Booster pack
- 1 Team-Up Pre-Release Kit (Contains 4 Booster packs, and 1 exclusive promo)
- 60 Sleeves to protect your cards
- 1 Exclusive Mystery Psycho Turtle Pin

Now that's a Psycho Deal!

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