Psycho Prices! Psycho Savings!

Join us for Psycho Turtle's Star Wars Unlimited Store Showdown, being held on Saturday May 25th @1:00 PM!

We will be using Premier Format rulings, which can be explained here!
We will be doing Best of 3, 55 Minute Rounds with side-boarding allowed. 

Our play cap is 32 so please make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time to guarantee your entry! A Fantasy Flight Star Wars ID is required to play!

Players will receive:

  • One (1) Takedown Promo for participation
  • One (1) Weekly Play Promo

Top 8, Top 4, the Finalists and Champion will receive the respective stamped Mace Windu Party Crasher Card and a booster box of Spark of Rebellion will be split between Top 8.

Takedown Participation Promo



Mace Windu- Party Crasher Top 8, Top 4, Finalist and Champion











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