Weiss Schwarz TCG: Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card: Booster Pack

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Weiβ Schwarz Booster Pack (English Edition): "Cardcaptor Sakura : Clear Card".



Force without master, Heed my Staff of Dreams. Become my power. SECURE!


This set assembles Sakura's friends from Tomoeda, as they figure middle school life together!


Sakura's array of costumes will also make an appearance, with costumes being tied to specific Clear Cards and their unique abilities!!


Every pack you purchase has a chance to contain a sign card by the following voice cast!!!

  • Sakura Tange (as Sakura) 【2 types】
  • Junko Iwao (as Tomoyo)
  • Aya Hisakawa (as Kero)
  • Motoko Kumai (as Syaoran)
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