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MTG: Modern Horizons 3

Modern Horizons 3 brings a heaping helping of exciting new cards to Modern. Allied fetch lands return alongside power-packed new cards like double-faced Planeswalkers you're sure to flip for.

Draft with friends, spice up your Modern deck, or meet your next Commander—Play Boosters are perfect for both Limited play and opening packs just for fun.

Crush your friends with style. Every Collector Booster contains 7 alt-frame cards, plus the possibility of Foil-Etched cards, a Textured Foil card, or even a Serialized card.

Introducing 15 never-before-seen cards in each deck, these mighty 100-card decks come ready to defeat your opponents right out of the box.

Get all the cards in the Commander Decks upgraded with an exclusive new Ripple Foil treatment—including 2 Borderless Profile Legendary Creatures!

Explore the set with a Bundle of power-packed cards and accessories, including 9 Play Boosters, 30 Lands (10 with Full Art), and an exclusive Spindown.

With all the power and accessories of the Bundle, plus a Collector Booster packed with Rares, foils, and alt-frame cards, we won’t judge if you get this gift for yourself.

Meet your new forever favorites. Attend a Prerelease event starting June 7 to be the first to get your hands on powerful new-to-Modern cards and beloved reprints.

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