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  • Explore with 7-Card Beyond Boosters

    Open 7-card packs full of classic characters, items, and moments from your favorite Assassin’s Creed games with a box of 24 Beyond Boosters.

  • Leap Into History

    Assassin’s Creed emerges from the shadows to join Magic: The Gathering! Freerun through ancient locales with your favorite Assassins, equip deadly weapons, and ensure your targets are history.

  • Take a Leap of Faith

    Bring the beloved video game series to your tabletop with new art and thematic game mechanics sure to delight Assassin’s Creed and Magic fans alike.

  • Track Down Elusive Relics

    In each pack you’ll find 1–4 cards of rarity Rare or higher, at least 1 shining Traditional Foil card, and at least 1 card with full, Borderless art—no scouring the streets required for these collectibles.

  • Foil & Borderless Card in Every Pack

    Every Beyond Booster includes at least 1 shining Traditional Foil card and 1 Borderless Card featuring gorgeous alt-art that extends all the way to the edges of the card.

  • May Include Multiple Rare Cards

    Every Beyond Booster contains a total of 7 MTG cards, including 1–4 cards of rarity Rare or higher.

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