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Jump Straight in with a Ready-to-Play Deck

Each Commander Starter Deck comes ready to play straight out of the box. To kick off your collection, every deck comes with one foil-etched commander card, with shining foil etched into gorgeous alternate art.

You’ll also get punchout counters to keep track of creature buffs, 10 double-sided tokens to represent creatures and other things created by your cards’ abilities, and a deck box to store it all in. The perfect introduction for new players, each deck also comes with a strategy insert to help you make the most of your deck’s abilities and a reference card for what to do on your turn.

Choose Your Deck. Choose Your Strategy.

First Flight (White-Blue)—Take wing with Isperia and a squadron of flying friends. Keep your guard up with defensive spells, then swoop in for the win with supercharged buffs!

Grave Danger (Blue-Black)—Have siblings Gisa and Geralf raise you an endless army of zombies. Grow your rotten regiment by any means necessary, then drag your opponents to an early grave! Chaos Incarnate (Black-Red)—Embrace the chaos of war with Kardur by your side. While you force your foes to squabble with one another, you can finish them off one by one! Draconic Destruction (Red-Green)—Go on the attack with Atarka and double down on dragon damage. Engulf your opponents in a sea of flames as your mighty dragon army descends on the battlefield!

Token Triumph (Green-White)—Ally yourself with Emmara and cover the battlefield with an army of tokens. Protect them as they multiply, then wipe your foes out with a single attack!


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